Lander (Landy) Nomatter



Character Sheet…":


Landy’s a big guy who carries a big axe. He’s not too bright but he does have a strong sense of right and wrong. Tribe / families = right, everyone else = wrong. Landy’s a primal instinct, salt of the earth kind of guy and lacks the nuance needed for diplomacy. Plus, sometimes, he gets really really really mad….but only when someone is really really really wrong.

He’s been on the move all his life and doesn’t do well sitting around for too long. He is most comfortable outdoors. If circumstances change on a dime, Landy’s happy to roll with the punches. He’s had lots of practice. As a boy, he lived a happy, nomadic life with his tribe. His father was a renowned raider. Landy learned how to raid alongside his cousins, but there was an extra pressure on him to show enthusiasm in battle.

One day while raiding w/ the men, 14 yo Landy saw “red” & ran blindly forward into battle, tripped and fell, knocking his head against a rock. When he awoke he was chained to a long line of slaves. Slave life was awful &, at the age of 17, Landy finally escaped. He spent a year wandering the lands, yearning for another tribe to call his own.

Lander (Landy) Nomatter

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